IgniteNet offers multiple accessories simplifying 60 GHz point to point or point to multipoint and also cloud-managed Wi-Fi product installations enabling a smooth and easy network deployment. Read more...The professional mounting brackets are perfect for installing long range point to point links and do precise alignment. The alignment scope and LinqAssist application / LinqAssist module help to speed up installation and simplify narrow beam antenna alignment as well for the MetroLinq products. 802.3af/at to passive PoE converter allows powering MetroLinq products with IgniteNet PoE switches. Also an outdoor mixed media converter works well when requiring fiber to Ethernet and DC to POE conversion perfect for setting up fiber like wireless networks using MetroLinq devices to provide data and power to the equipment. Finally, multiple mounting bracket options for IgniteNet access points are available for indoor and outdoor installations whether to a wall, pole, or ceiling.

Mixed Media Converter

  • Low-cost outdoor fiber-to-ethernet and DC-to-PoE converter

MetroLinq™ LC Precision Bracket

  • The Perfect Accessory for Cost Effective Installations

MetroLinq™ LR Precision Bracket

  • The perfect accessory for long-range links

MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope

  • Optical alignment tool for the MetroLinq™