IgniteNet provides several affordable external antenna options for 5 GHz outdoor point to point and point to multipoint applications. The Fusion™ Dish is built for long-range point-to-point communication and its design is centered around 3 key ingredients: simplicity to install, high performance, and full integration. Read more...The Fusion™ Dish requires only one tool for assembly and its newly designed feed enables low loss radio connectivity. It comes in RPSMA pigtails connector with a weather hood. The dish antenna can be assembled in dual-polarity or dual-slant operation and can be mounted on a 5 to 11.4 cm (2 to 4.5 inch) diameter pole, featuring easy adjustment by +/-30 degrees.

Fusion™ Dish

  • Affordable outdoor 2ft/.6m dish antennas in 5GHz (30dBi)