IgniteNet is officially announcing the migration of IgniteNet Cloud accounts to the new ecCLOUD management platform under Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of wired and wireless networking products and solutions.

Existing IgniteNet users can manage IgniteNet devices on ecCLOUD. Cloud plan subscriptions will remain unaffected.

For more information, please click HERE.

Edgecore Networks and IgniteNet have joined forces to provide a comprehensive network of integrated services that will better serve our customer’s needs.

For us, it will always be about the customer. We assure you that our products and technical support will remain unchanged and we intend to incorporate the best features of all our product lines in the future.


Easy, powerful, & affordable cloud-managed WiFi
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The IgniteNet Cloud

ecCLOUD provides unified visibility and control over wired and wireless devices, simplifying deployment, management and monitoring of your single-site or multi-site network. ecCLOUD provides feature rich, scalable, and ease of centralized management for networks of any size.


Easy device adoption icon

Easy device adoption

Device registration page

Register 100’s of devices quickly and they will automatically appear where you want them to be!

Multi-level dashboards icon

Multi-level dashboards

IgniteNet controller dashboard

See your networks and sites from different perspective.

Custom dashboards icon

Custom dashboards

IgniteNet controller dashboard

Personalize your dashboard by using the most important widgets that you need.

Flexible configuration icon

Flexible configuration

Configuration page

Configure each device or group of devices at different levels, or make individual adjustments and overrides when necessary.

Live device stats icon

Live device stats

Device statistics page

View your AP’s system info, current throughput, channel utilization and active clients.

Client history icon

Client history

Device client history page

View a client’s connection history across a device or site.

Maintenance and alerting icon

Maintenance and alerting

Activity page

Schedule bulk firmware upgrades or monitor configuration change tasks. Receive e-mails for alerts when something goes wrong in your network.

Visualization on maps icon

Visualization on maps

Controller map page

Both Google maps and floor maps are available to organize the layout of your devices.

IgniteNet marketplace icon


Marketplace page

Multiple add-ons are available allowing to introduce new revenue streams and offer extended services for service providers.

Virtual private cloud icon

Virtual private cloud

VPC page

Customize and re-brand your cloud for only 500 USD a year!

Flexible notifications icon

Flexible notifications

Controller notifications page

Configure device alerts to be sent to Slack or via e-mail.

Provision icon

Control and provision different devices

Wifi devices

So, what else? Why the ecCLOUD?

Let’s look at the hidden costs and stresses of other solutions:

IgniteNet cloud controller, Edgecore cloud controller, ecCLOUD

Initial hardware costs and setup
Time spent on server maintenance and upgrades
Hosting and bandwidth
Backup management
Power and cooling
Authorized user and security management
Failover/disaster recovery site and planning (not even possible with some solutions!)