IgniteNet is officially merged with Edgecore Networks, a leading provider of wired and wireless networking products and solutions.

For more information on Switch, please go to Edgecore Wi-Fi Website.

Edgecore Networks and IgniteNet have joined forces to provide a comprehensive network of integrated services that will better serve our customer’s needs.

For us, it will always be about the customer. We assure you that our products and technical support will remain unchanged and we intend to incorporate the best features of all our product lines in the future.

Network switches

IgniteNet offers a variety of fully-managed indoor and outdoor PoE and SFP switches. These layer 2 Gigabit access switches are ideal for SMB, enterprise and campus networks. Read more...IgniteNet switches run a powerful operating system with carrier-grade features providing high availability, utmost security, robust multicast control and advanced QoS (Quality of Service). IgniteNet switches also support IPv6 management, security, and multicast control. The product line also features a unique outdoor layer 2.5 switch – MeshLinq, that supports TRILL - a high-end datacenter routing technology, which simplifies building extremely robust and redundant large wireless networks. All switches can be managed and monitored using the IgniteNet Cloud Controller, greatly simplifying setup and maintenance of remotely located networks.


  • Cloud-managed Trill-enabled switch with PoE output built for flexible & redundant network deployments