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Privacy Policy

What data do we collect, and how do we use it?

Use of cookies when browsing the IgniteNet website and blog

When browsing the IgniteNet website ( and blog, cookies will be stored in your web browser that contains identifiers for your web and Google analytics sessions.

Read more about Google Analytics Cookie Usage and CloudFlare cfduid Cookies.

Use of cookies when browsing the IgniteNet Cloud

When browsing the IgniteNet Cloud, cookies will be stored in your web browser that contains identifiers for your web and Google analytics sessions, as well as language preferences, the last Cloud account you accessed, and your “remember me” signing preferences.

These cookies are only used in order to improve your browsing experience on our site.

Types of personal data collected after you register for a Cloud account

When an end user registers for a new account on the IgniteNet Cloud, we collect the following information:

  • Email address,
  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • Timezone, and
  • Unit preferences, such as km vs miles,
  • Language preferences, and
  • Your mailing list signup preference

If you choose to subscribe to our newsletter at registration, your email address, firstname, and lastname will be added to our marketing email lists and you will receive updates regarding the Cloud and other IgniteNet news.

You can opt out of this email list at any time. The date at which you opt in to receive marketing-related emails at signup time is stored within our Cloud database.

Your personal information (excluding the information stored in your browser cookies because it is not stored on our servers) never leaves the IgniteNet Cloud and is not used for any other purposes.

Also, this data will stay in our databases forever, unless you choose for it to be permanently erased. The erasure action can be found on your user profile page.

When you add billing details to your Cloud account

If you opt to pay for an upgraded Cloud plan or add-on services with a credit card, we will store your Cloud’s billing address in our database.

We do not store credit card details (such as credit card numbers) in our databases - this information is stored securely with our credit card processing company, Stripe.

Your Cloud’s billing address is only used for payment processing purposes and is retained forever unless you manually remove it from your account.

When you send an email to support or sign up for an account at our help desk

When you send an email to, or submit a helpdesk ticket via the IgniteNet Support site, a user record will be created within our support system (ZohoDesk) run by Zoho.

Any information you submit within your email or ticket will be associated with your user record within the support system. This may include your name, email address, and details about your IgniteNet devices or issues.

IgniteNet only uses your data from the support system in order to support you as our customer.

Read more about ZohoDesk’s GDPR compliance efforts.

When you register for an IgniteNet U account

When you create an account in our IgniteNet U training system (, a record will be created that contains your name, email address, and any other optional information you choose to provide at the time of registration.

We also keep track of which courses you’ve completed, and the results (such as our grade or score) of those courses.

Personal data within our training system is retained forever unless you request it to be removed. You can do so by submitting an erasure request from your user profile.

When you use an IgniteNet device

When you connect a wireless client (mobile phone, laptop, etc) to a managed IgniteNet Wi-Fi device, it will send up status messages to the IgniteNet Cloud that contains information about your wireless connection.

This includes:

  • The client’s last known IP address
  • Client MAC address
  • Client hostname if available
  • How much bandwidth the wireless client has used for the given session
  • Client signal levels and data rates
  • Which managed IgniteNet APs the client has connected to

The IgniteNet Cloud is considered to be the “processor” of this data, where the IgniteNet Cloud user is the “controller” of the data. This information is not used by IgniteNet except to help the IgniteNet Cloud user troubleshoot your network by aggregating and displaying the information in the Cloud Controller UI.

IgniteNet Cloud users (the owner of the managed IgniteNet devices) may also export this data, or give access to it via the IgniteNet Cloud API to third parties. This is entirely a decision of the IgniteNet Cloud user and not IgniteNet.

Client session data is retained for 365 days in the case that the Extended Storage add-on is enabled, and 30 days if not.

Why Google Analytics?

As mentioned above, we share your aggregated, anonymous data with third party analytics providers (such as Google Analytics) for the purposes of giving you the best experience possible when using IgniteNet services.


The IgniteNet privacy policy may change from time to time. IgniteNet will not reduce your rights under this policy without your explicit consent. IgniteNet will post any changes on its website, or by a separate email notification.


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