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60 GHz MetroLinq

technology advantages

IgniteNet MetroLinq offers the highest amount of product options in terms of capacity and distance. Customers can choose from powerful 10 Gigabit base station to a small form factor MetroLinq LW links reaching 2 Gbps capacity over short 150 m distances. The longest link deployed using MetroLinq products was done in Arizona transmitting 800 Mbps over a 2.5 km (1.5 mi) 60 GHz wireless link.


Over 7 GHz of noise-free spectrum

A massive amount of noise free spectrum (7 – 14 GHz*) makes the 60 GHz band ideal for high throughput point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications. The demand for increased bandwidth grows every day as commonly used licensed and unlicensed frequencies become over saturated, making it difficult to deploy high speed, low-latency wireless links.

*Country dependent


Highly secure and great for frequency re-use

The 60 GHz band is characterized as being highly affected by oxygen absorption which means signals transmitted from a 60GHz radio will not travel as far as other frequencies. Frequency re-use makes the products ideal not only for open rural areas, but also dense urban deployments. In addition, colocation of multiple units on a single tower is possible due to narrow beamwidths which are achieved through both high gain directional antennas as well as focused beamforming technology. These advantages show that 60 GHz products avoid the self-interference issues typically seen within other frequencies, and ensure increased security of your multi-gigabit wireless links.


High-gain but small form factor

High frequency antennas are much smaller in size and have higher gains when compared to the same sized lower frequency antennas. 60 GHz devices therefore will not overcrowd your poles, rooftops or towers. When installed in residential applications, MetroLinq devices are also less easily noticed by home owners.


Integrated 5 GHz failover

Because 60 GHz radio waves are affected by rain, IgniteNet MetroLinq products have a built-in 5 GHz radio that works as a failover. This backup mechanism seamlessly changes the frequency as needed for robust operation in any climate or rain zone.

LinqPath – 60 GHz link calculator

The LinqPath tool allows you to estimate the throughput and max distance of your 60 GHz links under different weather conditions (different ITU rain rates) at multiple link availability rates (from 99% to 99.999%). This tool is available within the IgniteNet Cloud controller and only requires initial registration for use.

LinqPath calculator

Cloud-based controller

IgniteNet MetroLinq devices can optionally be configured and monitored using the IgniteNet Cloud controller. The IgniteNet Cloud is an ideal solution for building and monitoring large-scale deployments consisting not only of 60 GHz MetroLinq devices, but also IgniteNet cloud-managed Wi-Fi and switch products. Remote access saves time when troubleshooting remote links, saves operational costs, and increases customer satisfaction. A free trial plan, with a two-device maximum, is available to test functionality and performance.

Setup application
MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope

Tools simplifying setup

IgniteNet offers a variety of tools to simplify the the deployment process of narrow-beam 60 GHz MetroLInq devices. An external Bluetooth USB dongle is available to give your MetroLinq device the ability to communicate aiming data with the IgniteNet LinqAssist mobile app running on your mobile device. An alignment scope can also be used to help more accurately align your MetroLinq devices during initial deployment.


Fixed wireless access

Fixed wireless access (5G)

60 GHz wireless is ideal for fiber-like wireless deployments and is great alternative to fiber in terms of speed and cost. MetroLinq products operating in point-to-point and point-to-multipoint scenarios make it easy to connect new customers to existing fiber or wireless networks. Multi-gigabit connectivity over wireless is now possible and extremely affordable - enabling Internet service delivery for residential and business customers in both urban and suburban areas.

Enterprise networks

Enterprise networks

High bandwidth, low latency, and low interference are all important characteristics when building successful enterprise wireless networks. MetroLinq products can be used to quickly extend fiber networks to nearby areas as well as extend internal networks to remote locations. Using the MetroLinq product line, both private and governmental enterprises can securely build multi-gigabit networks and cater to the increasing demands for high speed connectivity.

Wireless backhaul

Wireless backhaul

MetroLinq 60 GHz mmwave products are ideal as wireless backhauls to a variety of networks: small cell (mobile), public Wi-Fi, campus connectivity, ISPs, and more. The 60 GHz band has no interference compared to the other available unlicensed bands (2.4 and 5 GHz), which are crowded due to Wi-Fi access deployments and growing IoT networks. High capacity, security, and frequency re-use with co-location are the key features of mmwave product deployments that create future-proof fiber-like wireless backhaul networks.

Security and surveillance

Security and surveillance

When building mission-critical security networks, the risk of connectivity issues must be eliminated. MetroLinq 60 GHz mmwave products are an ideal solution for dense metropolitan networks as they keep up with an increasing data demand from the growing IP camera market. MetroLinq products are also able to provide fiber-like connectivity and ensure carrier-grade security of data being transmitted throughout the network - no matter if it is video, internet services, or IoT sensor data.