MetroLinq™ One 60

Revolutionary 60GHz PTP/PTMP Radio
Metrolinq One 60
Noise and license free
1 Gbps aggregated throughput
Tri-band radio

IgniteNet’s™ MetroLinq™ One 60 is the world’s first cost-effective high capacity 60GHz PTP radio enabling high performance, interference- free connections worldwide. The MetroLinq™ One 60 has an added advantage of being license-free in most markets globally, allowing ultra-fast deployment and without the hassle of other frequency bands requiring a license. The MetroLinq™ One 60 also includes a second 5GHz radio which can be configured as PtP (backup) to provide integrated redundancy without and additional hardware or complexity and additional 2.4GHz radio for remote access and configuration or local Wi-Fi coverage.

Supported distances



MetroLinq One 60 – 19 1 km / 0.62 mi

MetroLinq One 60 – 35 1.6 km / 1 mi



MetroLinq One 60 – 19 400 m / 0.25 mi

MetroLinq One 60 – 35 700 m / 0.43 mi

Mounting bracket

Universal bridge for PTP and PtMP applications

Build rock-solid and ultra-secure point-to-point or multiple-point-to-point links for the backhaul or last mile access and enjoy multi-gigabit in a noise-free 60GHz spectrum. Co-locate on a single tower without creating self-interference.

Connect MetroLinq One as clients to ML 10G Omni, ML 2.5G Beamforming sector or ML 60 LW base-stations and deliver fiber like wireless connectivity to stay competitive and grow the business. Preserve traditional ISM band for Wi-Fi access.

Available interfaces

2x RPSMA connectors for external 2.4GHz antenna
1x Gigabit Ethernet Port (PoE IN)

1x SFP port

1x Screw Terminal (Power IN/OUT)
1x USB 2.0 Port

Tri-band radio

60GHz: A primary wireless link radio delivering 1+Gbps connectivity over license and noise free 60GHz mmWave band.

5GHz: Never lose a link due to harsh weather conditions. 5GHz radio works as an automatic failover, which kicks in without dropping the link.

2.4GHz: Use external connectors to connect omni, sector or any other type of antenna to connect local Wi-Fi access or remote management of the radio.

Accessories simplifying setup

Mounting bracket

Mounting bracket options

Two different mounting brackets are available to choose from for links in different distances and weather conditions.

MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope

Utilizing leading-edge technology, IgniteNet’s MetroLinq™ Alignment Scope delivers unprecedented performance and ensures precise antenna positioning in the field, bringing accuracy during deployments, installations, and ongoing operations. Initial antenna position is critical during Metrolinq™ antenna upgrades or new deployments for post installation network performance. The Metrolinq™ Alignment Scope saves time and money by eliminating costly site re-visits and re-climbs.

MetroLinq Linq Assist

The innovative Linq Assist application and alignment scope are very handy when setting up the link. An optional, external USB dongle with Bluetooth support allows connecting to the device directly with your mobile device, which simplifies the on-site fine tuning.