MetroLinq™ 60 LW

MetroLinq™ 5 LW

Cloud-enabled Outdoor 5 + 2.4 GHz PTP/ PTMP

IgniteNet’s MetroLinq 5 LW is a dual-band and dual-radio wireless bridge ideal for PTP and PTMP connections. With a range of up to 2km (1.24mi) from MetroLinq 10G Omni base-station it is an ideal device to connect more remote and lower capacity fixed wireless clients.

The MetroLinq 5 LW also includes a 2.4 GHz radio which can be configured a multi-tenant AP for applications ranging from hotspots to maintenance and many more. Integrated dual- radio design allows saving tower space and covers wireless backhaul and local Wi-Fi access scenarios with the same stock keeping unit.

How To Buy

Main applications


60 GHz network extension

Connect more distant and lower capacity 5 GHz clients to your existing 60 GHz networks.


Wireless bridge with Wi-Fi

Build short to mid-range wireless bridges with an option to provide local Wi-Fi access using the same device.

Powerful OS

The advanced operating system has a professional feature-set required to do ultra high speed point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications. It includes 128 bit AES encryption for security, jumbo frame support, advanced 5 GHz failover capabilities and many more. Each base-station can be configured individually as well as centrally using our cloud based controller.

Mounting bracket

Simple to setup and control

The MetroLinq 5 LW has instant, out of the box cloud support and can be remotely managed and monitored. The cloud controller from IgniteNet is a powerful and cost-effective platform to monitor and manage multiple networks and types of devices and supports unlimited devices for only $99 USD per year.

Multiple base-station options

Multiple base-station options with different sized integrated antennas are available to support different distances and applications when using MetroLinq 5 LW in multi-gigabit wireless networks.

ML Omni

ML 10G Omni

2km (1.24 mi)

ML 2.5G BF sector

1km (0.62 mi)
ML 19cm

ML 60 LW*

1km (0.62 mi)
ML 35cm


10km (6.2 mi)

Note: The Distance may vary due to rain rate differences in your region.